I Want To Be My Kids’ Parent and Friend

“I’m your parent, not your friend.” If you’ve watched even one after school special, you have heard this line used during a heated debate between a parent and a child. A door is usually slammed before someone makes a sobbing exit and the scene ends. Somehow, not being friends with your kid has become synonymous […]


The Bedtime Tango

“Get back in bed! Why are you out of bed again?!” This is my nightly mantra, tonight is no different. The more kids you have, the more you say things like this. Which leaves me wondering how late parents, with three or more kids, stay-up re-directing bedtime traffic. I have never seen a child as […]


I Thought I Wasn’t Smart Enough For College

Graduation season is upon us, and it has me feeling a little nostalgic. This month marks five years since my own college graduation, a day I thought would never happen. Five years ago I walked across the stage, praying I wouldn’t trip, and received my Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Nursing. It is my […]

Lying: A Necessity of Motherhood

Honesty is the best policy, or so they say. Well, here’s a little piece of truth for ya, I lie to my kids all the time, and if your kid believes in Santa, or the Tooth Fairy, you probably do too. I don’t lie to them out of malice. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. […]


12 Reasons I Love Target

You know what I love about Target? Everything. I love everything about Target. Target gets me. If I had one of those retro Best Friend necklaces, where each friend gets half of the heart, I would give half to Target. What makes Target so great? I’m glad you asked. Here are a few reason I […]


My Favorite Part Of Motherhood Is The Unexpected Weirdness

“I’ll never make my kids clean their rooms!” I shouted as I slammed my bedroom door. Bold statements about my mothering-prowess littered my childhood. I knew from an early age I would grow-up to be a cool mom. My kids would never have to eat vegetables or follow silly rules. But, I was wrong, I […]