Vacation Bites: I am Clark Griswold

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but sometimes, vacations are hard. Maybe it’s just me, but in my house, I’m the planner, the organizer and the packer. My husband, bless his heart, is the sweetest, most laidback man on the planet, but he doesn’t plan or pack.  He tolerates me and my neurotic tendencies, that’s […]


Why I Almost Abandoned Motherhood

I feel bad saying this, but I need a break from my kids—and not the psychotic break I’m currently working towards. Just a few days ago I was doing OK. My kids were well-behaved, and I was feeling confident in my parenting abilities. The past 12 hours of child-related nonsense have sufficiently derailed whatever that […]


Don’t Let Your Fear Control Your Future

I did something this weekend. Something I thought I would never do. I got on an airplane, by myself, and flew halfway across the country to meet-up with a bunch of strangers. There are a multitude of reasons this is a big deal for me, but the highlights include, fear of dying in a plane […]


I’m Not A Perfect Parent, And Neither Are You

A few days ago something awful happened. A mother’s oversight put a four-year-old in harm’s way. Fortunately, the child is OK. But, days later, the mother is still beating herself up at the thought of what could have been. I know this, because it was me.  I was the mother. It was my oversight. It […]