dear toddler

Dear Toddler, I Love You, But You Need To Chill

Hello My Little Sweet Potato, We need to talk. I know you’re going through some very important developmental milestones, but I have some concerns about your behavior, that I feel we should address. Last night you whipped your diaper off with such force that a nugget of poo flew across the room and struck me in the […]


I Felt Like I Was Betraying My Daughter By Having Another Child

I remember leaving the house before sunrise the morning I gave birth to my son. My daughter, just a toddler at the time, lay sleeping peacefully in her bed. I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness as I pushed her hair back to kiss her goodbye. She had been the center of our world since […]


What I Want My Kids To Know About Kindness

They say becoming a parent changes the way you look at the world. For once, they are right. In the five short years I have been a mother, my perception of the world has changed drastically. Of course, I don’t give all the credit to motherhood, some of my insight comes with age, or for […]