I Felt Like I Was Betraying My Daughter By Having Another Child

I remember leaving the house before sunrise the morning I gave birth to my son. My daughter, just a toddler at the time, lay sleeping peacefully in her bed. I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness as I pushed her hair back to kiss her goodbye. She had been the center of our world since […]


What I Want My Kids To Know About Kindness

They say becoming a parent changes the way you look at the world. For once, they are right. In the five short years I have been a mother, my perception of the world has changed drastically. Of course, I don’t give all the credit to motherhood, some of my insight comes with age, or for […]


Why I Want To Hold On To The Toddler Years

“Mama, I want to snuggle you.” My toddler crawls into my lap. His head is hot from running and playing, and if I close my eyes and breathe deeply, I can almost smell the baby he was not so long ago. Moments like this leave my heart aching, knowing he will, one day, crawl down […]


5 Rules For Bragging About Your Kid

“OUR BABY IS A GENIUS!” I shouted as I bursted into the kitchen holding our daughter’s preschool worksheet. “What are you talking about?” My husband replied, startled and confused by my shouting. “Look!” I shoved the paper into his hands. “She wrote that!” Scrawled across the top of the page in a large, uncoordinated font, […]


I Don’t Know If My Family Is Complete

I’ve been thinking about having another baby. Before we go any further, please understand, I have no intention on swaying your womb in one direction or the other—this is about me. I’ve read articles and essays debating each side of this particular conundrum. Evidently, I’m not alone in my constant vacillation on the topic. The advice […]


I Don’t Want To Be Your Mom-Friend

Hi Regina, I’m writing in response to the ten emails about Ladies Night at TGIFriday’s. Sorry I didn’t respond the first nine times, there was a swarm of angry bees and I couldn’t get a good WiFi signal. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to TGIFriday’s this week, or your Let’s Get Lit candle party next […]


My Child’s Bad Behavior Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Mom

Problem solving is my thing; I’m a bit of a junkie. The greater the challenge, the more rewarding the payout. Critical thinking, perseverance and even some old fashioned redneck ingenuity have helped me through some of the most perplexing situations. Arguably, there is no greater arena to flex your problem solving muscles than parenthood. If you […]

I’m The Mother Who Likes To Co-Sleep

Since becoming a mother, I’ve been making a slow descent into insanity. I think it’s fair to say I’m irrevocably changed by this whole parenting thing. My mind no longer works the same way it used to. For the most part, I’m OK with this change, and welcome the new perspectives parenthood has given me; […]


How I Overcame My Feelings About Daycare

When I became a mother for the first time I confronted many of my fears and insecurities, but perhaps none as momentous as my fear of daycare. Maybe fear isn’t the right word, I wasn’t afraid of it, but I had nothing positive to say about it. In my experience, daycare was hell on earth, […]

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How To Be A Good Parent In 3 Simple Steps

There’s a bit of a learning curve when you become a parent, and no amount of literature or advice can prepare you for the job. You just have to jump in and swim, anyone who is a parent will tell you that. We all experience moments of defeat, uncertainty and disappointment—those are the moments we […]